Your ideas—clear and compelling

I’m Kelly Besecke, and here at Bookmark Editing, I strive to make your academic manuscript shine. As a trained qualitative sociologist, I help scholars in the social sciences and related fields with detailed issues of writing style and big-picture decisions about organization and content. My priority is always clear communication and a reader-friendly style that honors the complexity and specificity of your original ideas.

Are you facing any of these scenarios?

  • You’re juggling so many projects that you’re not able to put as much time into your writing as you’d like.
  • You’d like thoughtful feedback from a colleague, but your colleagues are busy with other projects.
  • You’ve been revising your manuscript for ages and want to get it out the door to your publisher, but it’s not yet where you want it to be and you’re not sure how to get it there
  • Your first language isn’t English, but you want your manuscript to read as though a native English speaker wrote it.
  • You want to make your ideas accessible to readers outside your area of specialization, but you’re used to the conventions of writing in your own field.
  • You’ve received feedback that your work is good but your writing is difficult to follow.
  • You’re unsure about your own writing, but you know you want your ideas to be clear and compelling to readers.

If these challenges sound familiar, I can help. I offer two main editing packages, each designed for a different goal:

  • The Writing Style Package to promote clarity and flow at the level of sentences and paragraphs.
  • The Big Picture Package to help with broader developmental questions about organization, content, and argumentation.

For more information about these services, check out “What kind of editing?”  — or e-mail me.